As's efforts and outreach grows, I'd love to use this site to encourage American legislature to illegelize the use of neonicotinoids, while propagating the work of artists to the masses, and joining forces with environmental organizations, and the like, who are working to spread awareness of the import of the bees.

Bees are the source of life on this planet.

Let's save the bees! Let's encourage Bayer to stick to manufacturing aspirin, which helps the world and stop producing neonicotinoids, which is quietly destroying our world as the main cause of bee's being on the endangered species list.

Let's encourage the other 49 states in the United States to follow Maryland's lead, which followed the European Union who bravely illegalized the use of neonicotinoids throughout the whole of Europe. 

Lastly, if you come across a bee that looks like it is struggling or dying, you can place a drop of agave nectar or honey next to it. Be careful not to drown it. With a few sips of agave, it should  regain its strength enough to continue its work pollinating and with hope find its way back to its hive. 



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